Stand with Us

This year we all watched while religious liberty was hijacked by the courts. Elected leaders who promised so much appear, in many cases, resigned that there is little they can do to help fix our problems. The entire nation is in wait-and-see mode. Challenges abound on many fronts—challenges that impact our children and future generations—challenges that the NCLL stands ready to meet head on. 

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Texas Man Fights to Live

The National Center for Life and Liberty has learned that a conscious, forty-six-year-old man is in a Texas hospital fighting for his life. He and his family are working with Texas Right to Life against hospital officials who want to “pull the plug” and hasten his death.

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Will You Be Required to Disclose Your Social Security Number When You Donate?

In recent years, the Internal Revenue Service was called on the carpet for targeting Tea Party groups and their applications for nonprofit status. Now the IRS has proposed a new regulation requiring you, as a donor, to disclose your Social Security number for any gift you make in excess of $250 to a nonprofit.

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Terri Schiavo Follow Up

We have experienced a larger than usual response to our NCLL article on Terri Schiavo’s death in 2005. One of the questions readers have asked is: What evidence did you have that Terri was aware of what was going on around her? So, we thought everyone might like to know our answer to that question. Many Americans saw the TV video where Terri was following a balloon while being examined by one of the doctors who determined that she was not in a persistent vegetative state and that she could very likely be helped to improve with therapy. In addition to the video, Atty. Gibbs III and Atty. Barbara Weller, who assisted with the case, witnessed or heard about the following interactions with Terri:

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