Update to God Is a Myth Reporting

At the National Center for Life and Liberty, we strongly hold our values and beliefs but enjoy and encourage free expression of ideas. Indeed, we fight battles every day so that we are all free to express ideas free from social condemnation or government interference.

With that foundation, as believers we also hold that the free expression of ideas must be done with dignity and respect. Profanity, name-calling, or ridicule will not be tolerated on our social media platforms. You can expect such comments to be deleted. It’s about treating one another with decency.

We wanted to update the “God Is a Myth” story.

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"Banning the Box"

If you were hiring a worker, would it be important to know whether an applicant had been to prison?

Apparently, the federal government doesn’t think that information is relevant.

The Obama administration has issued yet another executive order called “banning the box,” which instructs all federal government agencies not to require applicants to admit they had a criminal history on their job applications.

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Houston Voters Speak Up

Houston voters turned out last week to reject an ordinance that would have established protections from discrimination for gay and transgender residents. The ordinance would have made it illegal to discriminate against “protected characteristics” such as sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

Opponents of the measure argued that the gender identity protection would allow sexual predators to use women’s bathrooms.

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Department of Education Spending Up, Scores Down

Imagine you started a job in 2008 and by 2015 you increased your spending by $21 billion, but your work was substandard and your performance was poor. Do you think you should be allowed to continue to do the job?

The Department of Education thinks it should not only continue but also expand! Their 2008 budget was $56 billion. The most recent budget was $77 billion—an increase of $21 billion.

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