Religious Accommodation for Muslims but Not for Christians

Two Muslim truck drivers were hired by a company in Illinois called Star Transport. They objected to driving the trucks when they carried alcohol because alcohol violated their religious beliefs.

A Christian baker in Oregon declined to cater a same-sex marriage wedding cake because same-sex marriage violated her religious beliefs.

In America, you would think these two cases would have similar outcomes.

Not so.

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Christian Schools Sued

A California Christian school has recently found itself the subject of potential legal action after it enforced one of its policies and terminated the enrollment of one of its students. The school’s handbook clearly states that it considers itself in a partnership with the parents, with the goal of teaching and training students to be Christ-like. To this end, the handbook includes a provision reserving the school’s right to discontinue or refuse enrollment of any student whose home life promotes or runs counter to the school’s religious beliefs. Homosexuality and sexual immorality are listed as specific examples of such lifestyles.

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Birth Certificates for Illegal Immigrants

When the child of an illegal immigrant is born in the United States, the parents can obtain a US birth certificate by showing authorities a Matrícula Consular de Alta Seguridad (MCAS). This “consular identification card” is issued by Mexican consulates to their citizens living abroad, even those in another country illegally. It has been accepted in the United States as a way to demonstrate parentage to health officials and be eligible for a US birth certificate.

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Can’t We Agree to Disagree Respectfully?

Whatever happened to a balanced, respectful conversation over our disagreements? Reasonable people can reason together and even learn from one another. While we may not share beliefs, we are fundamentally entitled to hold those beliefs and are free to think our own thoughts.

Assistant US Attorney General John Carlin warns that “the line between speech and violence is crossed too often, resulting in heartbreaking tragedy.” His concern has prompted the creation of a new position at the Department of Justice: the coordinator for domestic terrorism investigations.

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