Test Tube Babies: To Whom Do They Belong?

The first “test tube baby” was born in 1978. Since then, more than five million such babies have been born through in vitro fertilization, or IVF. Essentially, this process involves removing eggs from female ovaries and mixing them with sperm in a laboratory setting. Once fertilization takes place in the “test tube,” the fertilized egg is then implanted into the female. Through this process, scientists have manufactured an option for the one in eight couples suffering from infertility.

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News Flash: Apes Are Not People

Recently, a nonprofit group called the Nonhuman Rights Project (the “petitioners”) filed a lawsuit claiming the unlawful imprisonment (Habeus Corpus) of two apes—Hercules and Leo—which are research subjects at the State University of New York at Stony. The lawsuit sought to have the apes released and transferred to an animal sanctuary in Florida.

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The Fine Print: Private School Enrollment Contracts

Back-to-school time is barreling down the track. Parents are finalizing plans, choosing school supplies, and for those sending their children to private school, signing enrollment agreements. Yes, we’re talking about those contracts filled with the fine print that no one likes (except attorneys, of course!).

A parent called our ministry recently saying that she had removed her child from a private school last December, but the school was just now pursuing her for the remainder of the year’s tuition. “Are they allowed to do that?” she asked.

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The Best Way to Homeschool

One of the most frequent questions our homeschool attorneys get asked by email and at homeschool conventions, especially by new homeschool parents, is this: “What’s the best way (or right way) to homeschool?”

The answer to this question is simple: “Whatever way works best for you and your family.” There’s no magic formula (even though many of us wish there were).

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