The Fine Print: Private School Enrollment Contracts

Back-to-school time is barreling down the track. Parents are finalizing plans, choosing school supplies, and for those sending their children to private school, signing enrollment agreements. Yes, we’re talking about those contracts filled with the fine print that no one likes (except attorneys, of course!).

A parent called our ministry recently saying that she had removed her child from a private school last December, but the school was just now pursuing her for the remainder of the year’s tuition. “Are they allowed to do that?” she asked.

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The Best Way to Homeschool

One of the most frequent questions our homeschool attorneys get asked by email and at homeschool conventions, especially by new homeschool parents, is this: “What’s the best way (or right way) to homeschool?”

The answer to this question is simple: “Whatever way works best for you and your family.” There’s no magic formula (even though many of us wish there were).

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"I Had a Bad Feeling": The Rise of Sexual Abuse in Our Homes and Churches

At a recent homeschool convention, one of our NCLL attorneys spoke with two different homeschooling mothers whose children had been victims of male sexual predators. As in many cases of sexual abuse, both of these moms had increasingly experienced a “bad feeling” about the abusers before learning of their actions, but they had said nothing. Surely, they both felt, they were overreacting to innocent behaviors. Nothing inappropriate could possibly be happening. As we gently inquired into the identity of these predators, we were saddened to learn, through the many tears of these mothers, that one of the predators had been a child’s uncle, who repeatedly sought out opportunities to be alone with his nephew. The other was a teenage boy in charge of babysitting during choir practice.

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NC Upholds School Voucher Program

Recently, the North Carolina Supreme Court upheld their state’s school voucher program, adding the state to the growing number of those offering this educational alternative.

The North Carolina program, called the “Opportunity Scholarship,” provides a limited number of taxpayer funds to low-income families who wish to send their children to private school. The program began in 2013 but was put on hold in 2014…

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