The Silent War You Need to Know About

It seems as though news reports in recent days have been heavily focused upon life—but not in a good way. The headlines scream with stories of slaughter in the Middle East, senseless shootings here at home, and the ongoing tragedy of abortion with the added outrage of Planned Parenthood harvesting body parts to sell to the highest bidder.

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Gay Scout Leaders: Coming to a Church Near You?

If churches across the United States have doubted whether or not they should be affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America [BSA], a resolution passed on Monday may provide some clarity on that decision. Following on the heels of a monumental change two years ago that permitted open and avowed gay youth to become members, the BSA has now officially lifted the ban on openly-gay Scout leaders. The decision also extends to staff members.

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Is It Legal to Open Carry on Campus?

Is it legal to carry weapons openly on school campuses? You’re probably thinking, “Of course not—not in this day and age!” And you would be right…if we were talking about firearms or other deadly weapons. In most areas of the country, it is illegal to carry weapons, openly or concealed, anywhere on a school campus. Today, however, we aren’t talking about firearms; we are talking about the “weapon” of the Bible, referred to in Scripture as a “two-edged sword.”

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Why Homeschooling?

Homeschooling is on the rise all over the country. While once a predominately faith-based (primarily Christian) movement, the community of homeschoolers has expanded and broadened to include virtually every religious and non-religious group in America. In fact, homeschooling now represents one of the fastest-growing movements in the country, and it is expanding to include families of every ethnic background and socio-economic status. So why are parents choosing this option? What benefits do they see over sending their children to public or private school?

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