About the Center for Christian Education

Why choose participation in the NCLL Center for Christian Education?

  • Proven – The leadership, attorneys and staff at the National Center for Life and Liberty have served Christian schools and ministries for 20 years. We understand your unique mission and purpose and we work hard to allow you legal peace of mind for your ministry.
  • Proactive – The best legal strategy is to avoid challenges and problems. We examine your documents and practices with the goal of prevention.
  • Professional – We have a staff of experienced attorneys and support staff who are familiar with school issues and school law.

Benefits of Participation: Six Points of Protection

  • At your request, we will review your school constitution, bylaws and corporate documents to address any current concerns.
  • You have a school legal emergency number available to reach one of our attorneys to help you address any challenge that arises.
  • Your school community has a hotline number for accidents. We are available to counsel and advise community members to protect their rights in the event of an accident. After calming the crisis, we will refer out cases to our trusted attorney affiliates.
  • You will receive informative articles and any necessary legal forms for your organization.
  • You will have expert, pro-bono litigation services in cases that advance the liberty of Christian schools in America, subject to our case analysis and approval.

Participation in the Center for Christian Education is a suggested $1000 per year paid-in-full, or $100 per month automatic withdrawal.

To join, please fill out the participation application. APPLY HERE.

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