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Making Sense of Religion in America's Public Schools

What religious liberty rights do public school students, teachers, and parents have on the campuses of America's public schools?

As a parent, do you know what religious liberty rights you and your children have?

As a pastor or youth pastor, do you know what rights you have to share Christ in public schools? 

In a new and easy to understand resource, Attorney David Gibbs III and Attorney Barbara Weller—both seasoned experts in the field of religious liberties litigation—will walk you through the legal maze of what students, teachers, parents, pastors, and youth pastors can and cannot do in the public school setting. 

This book will answer your questions regarding religious expression in public school. Some of the topics included are:

  • May students still pray in public school? 
  • May students bring their Bibles to school and read them?
  • May students distribute tracts in public school?
  • May students include religion in school assignments?
  • May students be excused from school for religious holidays or activities? 
  • May students be excused from participation in classroom activities that are religiously objectionable? 
  • Must a student participate in a religiously objectionable holiday? 
  • May students wear religious apparel in school, such as a T-shirt with a religious slogan? 
  • May students organize Bible clubs at school? 
  • May students mention religion in a graduation speech? 
  • May students be permitted to use religious material in a school talent show? 

Order your copy—or a copy for your pastor or your child's youth pastor—of Making Sense of Religion in America's Public Schools by clicking below: 

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