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Prayer for the Supreme Court As It Decides the Marriage Cases

Will you join us in prayer for the United States Supreme Court as it is currently deciding the marriage cases? Even though the Court heard oral arguments for these cases back in March, now is a key time to pray for the Justices as they are deciding the cases and drafting the opinions. Now—more than ever—we need to pray that the nation's highest court will uphold the biblical definition of marriage in America. 

Click the video below to hear Attorney Gibbs frame the issue, and on Thursday of this week, we will send another email describing the two cases in detail. Thursday's email will provide a summary of the two cases, will describe the merits, and will describe the legal issues that are involved in both cases.



On behalf of those we have the privilege of serving, 

David Gibbs III
President and General Counsel

Admitted in Florida, North Dakota, Minnesota, Colorado, Texas, Ohio, Tennessee, Michigan, the District of Columbia, many federal courts, and the United States Supreme Court.