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Is It Okay to Pray in Jesus' Name?

Would you please pray for us at the National Center for Life and Liberty as we are working on a very important case in the Fourth Circuit? The issue of this case is whether the Rowan County, NC, County Commission can pray in Jesus' name in its legislative sessions. For more information, please click the video below to hear Attorney Gibbs discuss the case. 

Thank you in advance for your prayers and support as we work to defend the constitutional rights of the Rowan County Commissioners. If you would like to financially support the National Center for Life and Liberty, please click below to make a donation. All donations are tax deductible and are used so we can defend and litigate cases like the Rowan County case. Thank you for all of your support! 

On behalf of those we have the privilege of serving, 

David Gibbs III
President and General Counsel

Admitted in Florida, North Dakota, Minnesota, Colorado, Texas, Ohio, Tennessee, Michigan, the District of Columbia, many federal courts, and the United States Supreme Court.