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Pastoral Counseling: What You Need to Know

Pastor, I need to talk to you. . .

Most every pastor who’s been in the ministry for any length of time has heard these words countless numbers of times: on the other end of the line in the middle of the night; while shaking hands at church; after the sudden knock on the door while preparing for next Sunday’s sermon.

How many of their kids’ soccer games have pastors missed because they were dealing with a pressing, urgent need of one of their church members? How many hours of sleep have our pastors been deprived of due to someone's desperate need to talk right then? (The answer is that only God knows—but if you look at how quickly your pastor is getting gray hair, it might be more than you would have ever guessed).

A pastor’s job doesn’t end on Sunday after the sermon has been preached and the communion table put away. Most pastors spend hours upon hours every week counseling, not just members of their own church, but, in many cases, members of the community. The challenges facing pastors in their role as counselors are many. The potential legal and spiritual pitfalls abound and pastors must carefully navigate this responsibility being wise as serpents, yet harmless as doves. 


This month,the NCLL's 'Free Resource of the Month' is devoted to assisting pastors in this most important role as counselor. While this resource is by no means exhaustive as to the issues a pastors will potentially encounter, it does present some of the most frequent ones that we at the National Center for Life and Liberty hear about and with which we help our member churches.

To download, click on the graphic above. This will take you to our Free Resources page, where you can download the October Resource, “Pastoral Counseling.”

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