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Child Abuse. It can happen where you least expect it. Be prepared. Prevent it.

In the court of public opinion, those accused of child abuse are usually guilty until proven innocent. This is especially true of ministry leaders given the number of high profile cases in recent years. The best way to prevent child abuse within your ministry is to develop a carefully-thought-out child protection manual and then consistently implement the policies and procedures contained therein. This will minimize both the risks of abuse and the possibility of false accusations against ministry workers.

The National Center for Life and Liberty makes certain recommendations for every ministry that undertakes to care for children. The ministry should require that at least 2 adults be present in any room where there are children. Also, those who work with children should not do so unless they have had a background check and have been known to the ministry leadership for at least 6 months. In a church setting, it is imperative that the pastor or designated church leader be aware of and approve all activities the church or any group within the church is planning to conduct. This will help ensure that an appropriate number of qualified staff is in place for the outing or activity and will reduce the likelihood of inappropriate behavior by youth or staff members. Furthermore, all approved events should also be placed on the official church calendar in order to provide accountability and documentation of approval.  

The attorneys at the National Center for Life and Liberty have been working with churches and other Bible-believing ministries all across the country, helping them implement child protection policies and procedures for their ministries. To find out how our attorneys can help your ministry, visit our website at, and click on “Partner With Us.”

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