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Sex Offenders in Your Church: What Do You Do?

With three quarters of a million sex offenders in this country, chances are you live near one, or you might even worship with one.  We know that Jesus welcomed sinners of all kinds.  But if you are the mother or father of a small child, would you want to know that the man down the street, or down the pew, was convicted of the sexual abuse of small children? 

If church leaders are aware a sexual offender has been attending the church, do they have a responsibility to let the congregation know? How should the pastor and the church as a whole respond to such a situation?  If a sexual offender is repentant and wishes to be involved in your church ministries, to what extent should this be permitted?

In our latest free resource, the National Center for Life and Liberty highlights how to protect children and the ministry when there are known sex offenders who wish to, or are already attending your public worship services. This resource is free to everyone. Simply visit our website at and click on the "Free Resource of the Month" scrolling banner, or just click on the banner below and scroll to the bottom for the September title, “Sex Offenders in Church.”


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