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Social Security Benefits and Homeschoolers

In situations where a student loses a parent, the student typically loses Social Security benefits when they turn eighteen.  But if the student is still in high school, benefits can continue after the eighteenth birthday. The continuing eligibility is easy to document for public school students, but can present challenges for the homeschooled student.

According to its own policy manual, the Social Security Administration requires a family to complete Form SSA-1372 to document full time attendance.  The family must prove they have met their state’s requirements for homeschooling. In some instances, this may require more documentation than that required to be compliant under state law.

If you know a family facing this situation, please pass this information along.  These continuing benefits can be a blessing to families already in a difficult situation.

At the Center for Homeschool Liberty, we are happy to point members in the right direction to provide necessary documentation to prove eligibility for these benefits.


Center for Homeschool Liberty . . . . Be Part of Something Bigger!

At the Center for Homeschool Liberty, we are honored to assist and partner with homeschoolers.  These parents make extraordinary sacrifices to give their children an education that honors God and speaks to their family values.

But did you know that when you support the Center for Homeschool Liberty, you are helping with ALL of the work of the National Center for Life and Liberty? At the NCLL, we help fellow believers with a wide array of issues­—ones that we hope also resonate with you as we labor to preserve life and liberty in America.

In addition to our homeschool ministry, the NCLL works with pastors and churches, Christian schools and administrators, those facing end of life issues, cases of religious discrimination or persecution, conflicts involving the free expression of our faith in society, and more.  If you attend a Bible-believing church, please spread the word of our ministry to your pastor. We would be honored to help him meet the challenges of our changing culture.

Also, would you please help us spread the word about the NCLL 2014 Legal Seminars? In 2014, NCLL attorneys are travelling to 18 cities across America to conduct one-day legal seminars for pastors and ministry leaders. NCLL attorneys will cover ten topics that are essential for every church and ministry. Click here or visit for more information!


Law Talk Live Radio Listening Guide for Students

Law Talk Live Listener Mailbag—September 28, 2013

Law Talk Live is the show hosted by NCLL’s president, Attorney David Gibbs, on the Moody Radio Network.  It airs LIVE each Saturday from 11AM–12 noon CST.  If you cannot listen live, all programs are available as a podcast at

This week, Attorney Gibbs answered a variety of legal questions from the listener mailbag:

  • Attorney Gibbs is involved in a case in North Carolina regarding the right to _________ in ___________ name.
  • In the United States, we need a revival of ____________.
  • We need to focus on the principles of the ________ of _________.
  • One of the issues in the health care debate it this:  Can the government force you to violate your sincerely held __________   ___________?
  • Do soldiers lose some of their rights when then join the military?
  • Are churches currently exempt from paying taxes?
  • Churches must take three actions in dealing with potential child abusers in the ministry:
  • Then should carefully ___________ possible workers
  • They should have in place ___________  ____________ to address how they will keep children safe.
  • They are required to report _____________ to authorities.
  • When hiring workers, churches should conduct background ______________.
  • There are time periods in which you must file cases if you have suffered some injury.  These are called ____________ of __________________.
  • Do you ALWAYS need a lawyer if you have a car accident?