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Should My Child Get a GED?

Generally no.  In some circumstances, maybe.

In terms of eligibility for Federal Financial Aid, government guidelines are very clear that a student is qualified to obtain a college or career school education:

  • By having a high school diploma or a recognized equivalent such as a General Educational Development (GED) certificate or  
  • By completing a high school education in a homeschool setting approved under state law.

College admissions guidelines generally follow these same guidelines when evaluating an applicant. 

Having a GED can be a stigma.  It can say to authorities that the student dropped out of high school and chose this alternative credential.  For the homeschooler, this can be offensive! Most of our homeschool grads are academically far above their peers.

In some instances, especially with private colleges or schools and some employers, there is a bias against or an ignorance of homeschooling.  Your student might be asked to take the GED.  If you encounter this situation, you have some choices:

  1. The least desirable would be to take the GED. 
  2. You could look for another college or employer.
  3. You could mount a challenge to the policy.

Although these roadblocks are becoming more rare, it still does happen. 

If you are a member of the Center for Homeschool Liberty, often we are able to contact the institution to convince them of the legality of homeschooling and we would be honored to assist you.  We have been able to help many young people pursue their dreams!


Law Talk Live

Are you utilizing this great resource with your student?  Each week, Attorney David Gibbs III presents a Biblical perspective on today’s legal issues on the Law Talk Live program on the Moody Radio Network ( 

We are suggesting that you listen live, or listen to a podcast, as part of your civics or current events curriculum.

Last week, on October 5, 2013, the topic was Pastor Appreciation: Honor and Protect Your Pastor.  Grab a pencil and listen in to see if you can answer these questions:

  1. October is ____________________ Appreciation Month.
  2. Pastors don’t just preach.  They need to know about _____________ and ________________ among other things.
  3. How many times has the government shut down in the past due to funding disputes? _______
  4. The technical name for Obamacare is the _____________    ______________ Act.
  5. Despite the government shut-down, do citizens still have to pay their taxes? _______________
  6. To allow the government to continue to borrow money, Congress must agree to raise the ___________   ____________.
  7. Which body of Congress controls spending? _____________________________________
  8. Attorney Weller noted that the Arab Spring had become the Christian _____________.
  9. True or False:  In the last century, more Christians have been murdered and martyred than at any other time in history.
  10. Have you told your pastor how much you appreciate all he does?  As a family, get a card, a small gift or write a letter of encouragement. 


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