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CHL Is Here to Help You As You Finish this School Year!

It’s hard to believe that another academic year is already coming to a close! As you are completing your year-end projects and preparing to document this past homeschool year—we want you to know that we are here to help!

As you are winding up, should you have any questions pertaining to legality of your homeschooling—please know that you have a friend in the Center for Homeschool Liberty. At this time of the year we receive many questions about record keeping compliance, preparation for next year, and questions about state specific homeschooling requirements. Perhaps you’ve moved to a different state, and are curious about your new state's laws? Whatever questions you may have, please know that we are glad to help! Also, please be sure to make use of the state specific homeschool laws resource. To access this resource, visit by clicking here

Here's a snapshot of some of the help we were able to offer just this past week:

  • Resolved a truancy allegation for a mom in Kansas whose son had been sick. She withdrew him and the school then decided to pursue her for the missed sick days. We were able to successfully resolve this issue, and she is now happily homeschooling.
  • Advised the administrator of a Christian school how to biblically and lawfully deal with some student misconduct allegations.
  • Addressed and answered questions about the Common Core Standards movement for several homeschoolers and private schools.
  • Helped a homeschool co-op administrator deal with the legality of some record-keeping issues.
  • Helped another homeschool co-op draft its code of conduct and statement of faith to protect it from allegations of discrimination.

Perhaps the issues raised above reminded you of something that you need to take care of before this year closes? If we can be a help to you, please let us know, we are here to serve you. 

A Few Notes on Record-Keeping

There are many homeschooling styles and approaches, and parents are certainly at liberty to choose how to educate their children. But, it is extremely important to keep good records! Homeschooling records can either be computerized, or they can simply be kept by pen and paper.

What homeschool records should you keep?

First, it is important to understand what the law requires in your particular state. Some states require attendance records, portfolios, or testing records. Parents should carefully review what they are required to do by law. You can find summaries of all state laws at the 
Center for Homeschool Liberty.

Second, it is important to keep detailed records. Remember, the records you keep are the ONLY documentation of your child’s education. As your child approaches college age, you won’t have the convenience of just sending away for a transcript—you’ll have to prepare one. Be sure to keep enough sample work, curriculum lists, and reading lists so you will have the information that you will need to properly prepare this document.

Ask any attorney and they will tell you that it is best to err on the side of greater detail in your homeschool records. In the unlikely event that the government ever challenges your homeschooling—what kind of documentation will you be able to produce to show that you are educating your child? You can demonstrate the best “case” by producing excellent records.

Some parents do not like this idea because they want maximum flexibility and freedom in educating their children. It is important to remember that you are subject to both God’s and man’s laws. Even if you are in a state where you are not required to keep records, if you are ever questioned by legal authorities, you will be judged by what you are able to demonstrate in court. The quality of the evidence you present will depend on the excellence of your records.

Homeschool records should be kept at the time the teaching and learning takes place. In other words, they must be contemporaneous. Detailed, contemporaneous records will persuade a court that your homeschooling is effective and that your children are learning.

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