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Religion in America's Public Schools: Is It Allowed?

Every day, millions of America’s children and teens walk out their front door and into a school environment that is supposed to prepare them for life. From an academic standpoint, the debate has raged for decades as to how successful our schools are at putting out graduates who are prepared for the college and job market into which they are thrust.

One thing we can’t debate, however, is that most of America’s kids are coming out of the public school with virtually no spiritual foundation, except for whatever they may have been taught at home (or church). This is due, in part, to the fact that our judicial system has interpreted the First Amendment to require the elimination of teacher-led prayer and Bible reading in schools. But that’s not where the hostility to religion—and particularly Christianity—really comes from. For years now, there has been a concerted effort on the part of anti-religion, liberal, atheist, and other so-called “progressive” groups to completely eradicate the name of Jesus in the public square and in the public schools. These groups consistently target schools that still allow Christmas carols, teach about the history of Christianity, or allow Bible clubs. They intimidate by threatening to sue the school or the individual teachers and staff members for actions that are, the vast majority of the time, perfectly legal. And these intimidation tactics have led public school administrators, teachers and staff, to unnecessarily suppress religious expression from the halls and classrooms FAR more than is required by law.

As a result of these increasing attacks on Christianity, the attorneys at the National Center for Life and Liberty have received a steadily increasing number of calls and questions over the last few years about what religious rights really do exist for those in the public school system.  In response to this, Attorneys David Gibbs III and Barbara J. Weller of the NCLL wrote Making Sense of Religion in America’s Public Schools for the purpose of helping individuals understand their rights to exercise their faith in this arena.

This month’s free resource from the NCLL, Religion in America’s Public Schools: Is It Allowed?, gives you a glimpse into this book, which is available for purchase on our website at or at your favorite online book retailer in either printed or e-book format.

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