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The NCLL Represents Eight Counties Before the U.S. Supreme Court in Prayer Case

Today, the United States Supreme Court heard oral argument for the case of Town of Greece v. Galloway. The NCLL is before the Supreme Court representing eight of the more than seventy counties that are fighting for the right to open their legislative sessions with prayer in Jesus’ name. Attorney Gibbs attended today’s oral argument and asks for you to pray that the nation’s highest court upholds this vital right. The Supreme Court’s decision will set the standard for legislative prayer for the entire nation.

Back in August, the NCLL filed an amicus brief with the United States Supreme Court on behalf of Town of Greece, New York, where the town was sued for opening its town meetings in prayer. The NCLL filed this brief on behalf of eight other county commissions and town councils who have had a practice of opening meetings with legislative prayer, and who have also been sued for violating the Establishment Clause and the legal principle of “separation of church and state.” The NCLL argues that courts should view the legislative prayer opportunity from the point of view of the intent of the legislators, not the viewpoint of a few people who are offended by hearing the name of Jesus in a prayer.


The NCLL exists to protect the rights upon which our nation was founded. Each day, NCLL attorneys are hard at work to defend, protect, and advance the rights that have made America great. At the very core of these rights, is the acknowledgement and dependence upon God in legislative meetings.

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