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Will You Help Us by Making a 2013 Donation?

I need your help, please!

Another year is ended and 2014 is upon us. Our values are under attack on all fronts—in the courts, in lecture halls, hospitals, legislatures, and in the media. Just this past year, the U.S. Supreme Court approved same-sex marriages and courts across the nation have followed its lead. What does the future of America look like for our children and grandchildren?

I would ask that you please pray for the NCLL.

The legal ministry of the National Center for Life and Liberty serves to protect and defend the values on which our nation was founded. Our founding fathers gave their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to provide God-given life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for our generation. It is our obligation to pass that legacy on to our children and grandchildren, and to preserve religious liberty in America. America's First Freedom—the freedom of religion—is the very basis upon which all our other freedoms rest.

With recent court decisions and troubling developments in Washington, D.C., the lives of the elderly, the disabled, and the unborn are increasingly unprotected and jeopardized. Many will die before their time, and we cannot afford to wait.

In Matthew 25:40, Jesus teaches that what we do to the “least of these” we have done to God Himself. The NCLL serves to aggressively defend life and fight the pro-death agenda in our nation.

Our society is becoming increasingly hostile to people of faith. There is a tremendous need for reliable legal counsel—that is also Biblical—to serve churches and institutions ministering in this changing world. As NCLL attorneys fight for life, the ministry also protects the religious liberties that you hold dear. The NCLL provides resources and training seminars to help todays church leaders succeed in reaching their communities for Christ.

I would ask that you also pray for the cases and those served by the NCLL.

Please pray as the Supreme Court of the United States deliberates on whether prayers in Jesus’ Name will be protected for government officials. The NCLL represents government officials in Maryland, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Missouri, Tennessee, and Vermont.

A Michigan church is not being allowed to purchase property and reach their community for Christ. The NCLL is litigating its case in federal court. Pray that this church’s rights are protected.   What happens in these cases impacts all churches across the nation.

Please praise the Lord that the11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of a ministry that had been sued by a former employee. The NCLL stands with ministries across the nation.

Ask the Lord to bless the2014 Church Leadership Legal Seminars that will be conducted in twenty locations across the nation. NCLL attorneys are preparing to train thousands of pastors and church leaders to effectively and successfully minister in their communities.

Praise the Lord that the nationally syndicated radio ministry of the NCLL, Law Talk Live, reaches over half a million listeners each Saturday with valuable information to understand and stand up for their liberties across the nation.

I would ask that you please help the NCLL financially if you are able to do so.

As a faith-based ministry, the NCLL counts on your help.  A gift of $5, $10, or even $20 would help the NCLL close 2013 and launch into 2014 with the needed funds to help those who are in need. You can donate by clicking the "donate" button at the top right of this page or you can mail your donation to the address listed to the right. 

Working from offices in Texas, Florida, and Washington, D.C., the NCLL team is prepared to litigate, educate, and serve across America.

We plan to continue expanding in 2014 by increasing the following:

  • Investing in the next generation by defending cases and advancing legislation.
  • Integrating Biblical-legal advice and service to the ministries and Christians of our nation and around the world.
  • Impacting the culture through the media.

From wherever I am in the nation, I end my Law Talk Live radio broadcast each weekend with this statement, “If it’s wrong, fight it.  If it’s right, fight for it!”

I firmly believe that together we can make a difference for our Savior and boldly stand for Biblical values in 2014!


David C. Gibbs III
President and General Counsel

Admitted in Florida, North Dakota, Minnesota, Colorado, Texas, Ohio, Tennessee, Michigan, and the District of Columbia

P.S.—Please encourage your church to pray for and support the NCLL on a regular basis in 2014.