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How Much Has America Changed in 237 Years?

If America’s Founders were alive today—237 years after giving birth to the greatest nation ever, a nation they established to be governed under God’s Biblical principles—I think they would be devastated to see what has become of their dreams. 

I imagine they would also be distressed to read the current headlines and listen to the calls and read the emails such as these that come into the offices of the National Center for Life and Liberty:

  • A public school official in New York issued a statement celebrating America’s diversity, including “race, creed, gender, sexual orientation or academic ability.” But what did the school community notice was missing from that list?  RELIGION!
  • Administrators in a public school in Texas filed a lawsuit against their own cheerleaders for exercising their freedom of religious speech.
  • A public school n North Carolina prohibited a young student from reading a poem about her grandfather because the poem mentioned God.
  • A public school teacher sheepishly admitted that she probably did something she was not supposed to do when she prayed with her students during the Oklahoma tornado that completely wiped out their school building.

Public schools are where most Americans of the next generation are being educated, and the education of one generation leads to the governing principles of the next.

  • What would our Founders think about an abortion doctor in Philadelphia killing babies after they survived the attempted abortion?

Imagine the horror of our Founders upon learning that babies were being brutally murdered in the very city in which they established Life as our nation’s first God-given right.

  • What about a small flower shop owner in Washington being sued because her religious beliefs do not allow her to participate in a “wedding” between two men or two women?
  • What about an employee in Florida being fired because he expressed his Biblical views on homosexuality and sex outside of marriage?

Our Founders believed that America’s First Freedom was the freedom of religion, a freedom they believed had to be protected from government intrusion. It was not their intent that faith be entirely eliminated from our public square.

Our Founders believed that God and government were partners, not enemies promoting a high wall of separation between the two.

Did you know that the Bible was the most quoted source for political commentary during America’s Founding Era, quoted more often by our Founders than any other source?

  • What about city and county legislatures being sued in California, New York, Maryland, Missouri, and North Carolina just because they want to open their meetings with prayer and allow these prayers to be offered in Jesus’ Name?

All American legislative meetings have opened in prayer, primarily prayer in Jesus’ Name, for all 237 years of our nation’s existence.

The first prayer at the Continental Congress in 1774 was offered “in the name and through the merits of Jesus Christ Thy Son and Our Savior. Amen.”

John Adams famously wrote to his wife Abigail that some delegates disagreed with the motion to open that 1774 meeting in prayer because the assembly was “divided in religious sentiments” and “could not join in the same set of worship.” But, John reports to Abigail that their cousin, Sam Adams, leader of the Boston Tea Party, “then rose and said, that he was no bigot, and could hear a prayer from any gentleman of piety and virtue, [who was] at the same time a friend to his country.”

Imagine our Founders being horrified to learn that the same 1774 prayer would be declared unconstitutional by some judges if offered in a legislative meeting today.

My friends, these are the very reasons that the National Center for Life and Liberty works to “fight for what is right” and to “fight against what is wrong.”

If we do not stand against the anti-Christian forces rearing their heads in America today, we will not have the opportunity to stand tomorrow.

Did you know that two years before he died, Alexander Hamilton wrote to his friend, James Bayard, proposing the formation of a Christian society that would spread both Christianity and the principles of the Constitution?

My friends, the National Center for Life and Liberty is becoming one fulfillment of Hamilton’s dream by being an organization that stands for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution.

  • If Christianity is forced out of America’s public squares today, the dreams of our Founders will be lost forever.

My friends, we need your prayers and your financial support to fight these ongoing battles in our nation’s courts, in our schools, in our legislatures, and in our culture.

As America celebrates its 237th birthday, won’t you join with me and reach out today to help support the National Center for Life and Liberty?

Please send a generous gift in honor of our Founders and in support of the NCLL's work to preserve freedom for future generations.

On behalf of those we have the privilege of serving, 

David Gibbs III
President and General Counsel

Admitted in Florida, North Dakota, Minnesota, Colorado, Texas, Ohio, Tennessee, Michigan, the District of Columbia, many federal courts, and the United States Supreme Court.