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Thousands Stand Together to Support Prayer in Jesus' Name

During the upcoming October 2013 term, the United States Supreme Court will be deciding a crucial issue that could impact every county and municipality in America: Is it constitutional to pray sectarian prayers before official legislative gatherings?


"Sectarian" prayers are prayers that relate to a particular religious sect. Earlier this year—in Rowan County North Carolina—a federal court prohibited the Rowan County Commission from opening its meetings with prayer that ended "in Jesus' name." Since that decision, the Supreme Court decided that it would hear a case that is factually similar to Rowan County's in the case of Town of Greece v. Galloway. Because the Supreme Courts ruling in Galloway will dictate the outcome of the appeal in the Rowan County case, the NCLL filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court arguing that legislative prayers that include the name of Jesus are a part of the longstanding history and fabric of our nation and are within the legislators’ discretion. 


In support of the Rowan County Commissioners, the North Carolina based group Return America—led by Pastor Ron Baity of Berean Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, NC—held a public rally in support of the Commissioners this past week. The rally was attended by over 2,000 North Carolinians who came to support prayer in Jesus' name.

Click the image below to see highlights from the rally and to hear Attorney Gibbs address the supporters


Will you help support the NCLL as we fight for the Rowan County Commissioners and others like them whose liberties are being deprived? As the Holy Spirit leads you to stand with us, please know that we are extremely grateful for your prayers and your financial support.  Together, we can make a difference!