Excerpts from "Fighting for Dear Life"

“The measure of a civilization is how we treat the weak, the dependent, the helpless and the ill.”

—Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Dr. Laura Program, March 24, 2005

On March 31, 2005, Terri Schiavo died. She was the tragic victim of the first-ever American civil court case that ended with a pronouncement of death—despite the fact that she had never been charged with a crime. She endured 13 horrific days of court-imposed dehydration and starvation before her journey on this earth came to an end at the hands of her estranged husband and a judicial system run amok.

Attorney David Gibbs III fought on the front lines for Terri’s life. He believed then what he still believes today: that human life is sacred and should be protected.

The NCLL’s “Free Resource of the Month” for March is an excerpt from the book, Fighting for Dear Life. This book details the legal and emotional struggle that Terri’s family, as well as Attorney Gibbs and his fellow attorneys, endured in the battle to keep Terri alive.

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The National Center for Life and Liberty is not merely observing from the sidelines on these critical cultural issues--- we truly are on the front lines, standing up for life all across the country. In recent days, our attorneys have been helping pastors, churches, and concerned citizens who are fighting to keep abortion clinics from opening in their local communities. We are also making our voices heard in Congress and in the media. Watch Attorney Gibbs' recent Fox News interview here.

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