One Act of Kindness

Every day, the attorneys and staff at the NCLL deal with legal issues facing Christians, churches, homeschool families, and Bible-believing ministries all across the country. Yet we know full well that many of the issues facing you—and facing us—are not just legal in nature. They are personal. They are spiritual. They are emotional. And because of this, we have made it our mission to help real people with real problems. We believe that if you give people good information, they can make good decisions.

This month, the NCLL’s free resource touches on an issue that steps outside the legal realm in which we usually minister. It is an excerpt from the NCLL’s newest book, God Had Other Plans, by author Cindy McPherson. We know that the information within this chapter—the encouragement, the challenge—if taken to heart, will help you make a difference in someone’s life. It is good information that will help you make good decisions.

It is so easy for each of us to focus on ourselves and our own struggles and troubles. Take a moment today to download this month’s FREE resource, and see the difference that One Act of Kindness can make in a person’s life.

Download this month's resource here:

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