Attorney Gibbs in All-Star Speaker Line-Up at Pro-Family Rally

Pro-Family Rally

Senators, singers, and everyday saints gathered at the capitol building in Columbia, SC, last Saturday for one purpose: to declare their support for traditional, biblical marriage at the We Stand With God Pro-Family rally. Over 10,000 people, 500 pastors, and 600 choir members came together to hear Senator Ted Cruz, Governor Rick Perry, Pastor Dr. Ron Baity, Republican National Committee executive Chad Connelly, SC Representative Richie Yow, and our own Attorney David Gibbs III provide timely, relevant, challenging, and impassioned speeches of hope and encouragement on this most pressing issue of marriage and family.

In our society of apathy and atheism, why would such a group come together?

In one word: Prayer.

In response to the rapidly declining moral state of this nation, greatly intensified by the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision redefining marriage, this group came together to pray for America and, as the rally website says, “to encourage and empower God-fearing citizens to stand in this evil day.” Rally attenders heard first-hand how the repercussions from this watershed decision will be vast, and that the impact on churches and religious ministries in the days ahead will be far-reaching.

The rally sent a clear message to Washington and the whole country: there are thousands of South Carolinians—representing millions of Americans—who believe that the Supreme Court overturned the will of the American people and acted outside of its authority in redefining marriage.

By this humbling act of petition, rally participants hope to reach out to the hearts and minds of believers all across this nation and to remind them that our numbers are great across the land and that together we can take a stand and truly can make a difference.

At the National Center for Life and Liberty, we stand for life, for biblical marriage, and for your right to exercise your religious freedom. Will you stand with us?

photo from the Pro-Family Rally