Contraception or Common Sense?

Teen girls

When our kids were thirteen years old, they were reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and The Secret Garden.

In Seattle, WA, the thirteen-year-olds are busy getting intrauterine devices, long-term arm implants, and the Pill—all without parental consent (source)!

The number of students receiving these services has doubled in the last year. The county health department recently reported that 1,293 students received counseling, “with an untold number receiving arm implants, IUDs, and the Pill.”

By the way, in Washington, this is legal beginning at age twelve!

Is there any consensus in this country that twelve-year-olds need access to these services? Besides, shouldn’t parents be involved in (or even knowledgeable of) this practice in public schools?

The government believes it’s OK for your twelve-year-old to get an IUD without your knowledge or consent.

Anyone with an ounce of sense believes that twelve-year-olds should be busy learning history, math, and science. Instead they are unwitting participants in an anything-goes societal experiment that deprives parents of any say in their child’s sexual education and health.

Is anyone OK with this?