Reading, Writing, and…Gay Studies?

teens in classroom

You had to know it was coming. A San Francisco public high school has introduced a gay history class. The elective is eligible for one semester of course credit and can be used to fulfill the requirements for California public university admission.

The course in LGBT studies will cover terminology, history of LGBT leaders, society’s portrayal of LGBT people, and transgender issues.

Resources are provided by the Human Rights Campaign through its “Welcoming Schools Project.” Their website even provides Common Core-aligned lesson plans.

High schools are catching up with university-level courses on the topic, which are commonplace. The educational establishment’s accommodation for an estimated 3% of the United States population is extensive.

Author Michael Brown notes, “Tolerance and acceptance of homosexuality are no longer enough. In fact, those attitudes are now deemed ‘homophobic.’ Instead, homosexuality must be celebrated, beginning in our children’s schools. And so, it’s no surprise that in the last decade, bills have been passed in California calling for the removal of anything that could be considered offensive to LGBT students or parents (such as terms like husband, wife, dad, or mom) as well as for the mandatory celebration of LGBT history in all schools, K–12, with no option for parents to opt out their children from such classes or for teachers to opt out from participation” (source).

We can expect that this educational movement will continue to grow and expand into high schools across the nation.

Parents, are you as enraged about this development as we are? Our public educational system is failing, yet we’re still spending time and treasure on this indoctrination?

Watch your school districts! Catch this movement in the early stages and organize parental involvement. This is not inevitable for your school district.

At the National Center for Life and Liberty, we stand for parental rights. Stand with us to protect your children!