Reading, Writing, and…the Five Pillars of Islam?

chalkboard with Shahada

Imagine your child arriving home from school, you ask, “What did you do in school today?”, and she responds, “We wrote out the statement, ‘Allah is the only God and Muhammad is his prophet.’”

Believe it or not, this is a situation facing parents in the Maury County School District in Tennessee.

Students in a world history class at Spring Hill Middle School spent three weeks studying Islam. They were required to write out the Five Pillars of Islam, including the Shahada. The Shahada is a required statement made by converts to Islam that states their belief and their commitment to Islam.

One parent noted that the same school skipped the whole chapter on the rise of Christianity, choosing instead to spend three weeks on Islam.

Why? Among other reasons stated by the principal and teacher, Christianity is not required by the state’s standards, known as “TN Core” and based loosely on the national Common Core.

Concerned parents are meeting with school officials later this month.

If we leave Christianity out of Common Core, rip it from our schools, and do nothing to grow and foster belief in the home, do we wonder why Christians are dismissed or despised in this culture?

This is a perfect demonstration of why school standards should be left to local schools, not dictated from bureaucrats empowered by the federal government.

Parents, do you know what your kids are learning? The time to educate yourself is now. Do not allow your input regarding school standards to be diminished or forbidden.

At the National Center for Life and Liberty, we continue to encourage parents and politicians to push back against Common Core. And we applaud those parents who have chosen to remove their children from the indoctrination centers that teach it.

How can we help you make the wisest choice for your children, for your family? We stand with you to preserve and protect your freedom and your values.