Too Christian to Print?

copying a poster

A Christian recently went to Office Depot to print a flyer containing a prayer for Planned Parenthood and was turned away. Corporate rules say the speech represented in the flyer falls under the category of graphic material or hate speech.

We can only imagine other possible scenarios. Would they print a pro-abortion flyer without question? How about an ISIS recruitment flyer?

The issue of political correctness in public accommodations is in full bloom. Women are suing male barbers for refusing to cut their hair in an all-male salon. Bakeries are being forced out of business by government fines levied for their refusal to bake wedding cakes for gay marriages.

The Office Depot customer above (Marie Goldstein) noted, “Office Depot is discriminating against me based on my religion. If the store can pick and choose what orders it fills based on religious content, it is refusing to treat people of faith equally. In America, where we value freedom of religion, this is simply unacceptable.”

Fortunately, Office Depot backed down after it was brought to their attention that the refused service was indeed discrimination and a violation of the Cook County, IL Human Rights Ordinance.

Office Depot’s policy is to refuse to print items that violate copyright laws, advocate persecution of any group, or contain graphic material. On second thought, Office Depot concluded, maybe printing an anti-abortion flyer doesn’t advocate persecution of any group. And so they relented.

A Portland, OR bakery that refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple was fined $135,000.

A New Mexico photographer violated the state’s anti-discrimination law when he refused to take photos of a gay couple’s commitment ceremony.

Do you think there is any chance Office Depot will receive anything like a $135,000 fine for violating Ms. Goldstein’s religious rights?

We think not.

At the National Center for Life and Liberty, we cannot predict when and where these types of challenges will land. Rest assured that we are here to defend your religious expression in this tsunami of political correctness.