Will California Become Next State to Allow Assisted Suicide?

pulling the plug on medical equipment

California Governor Jerry Brown has a bill on his desk awaiting his signature that will allow terminally ill people to obtain a prescription to hasten their death. California would be the fifth American state to authorize the practice. Gov. Brown has not indicated his position on the matter.

The California Senate approved the measure 23–14, with the Assembly approving it by a 44–35 vote.

A spokesman for Californians against Assisted Suicide, Tim Rosales, said the bill was rushed through a special session of the legislature. He noted, “This bill remains opposed by groups representing people living with disabilities, cancer doctors, people advocating for the poor and uninsured, and faith-based organizations.”

Legislators crowed about the passage of the bill. It was called an historic milestone for California…and another slip on the slope of euthanasia.

At the National Center for Life and Liberty, we are strongly opposed to assisted suicide. The stories in support of the practice speak protectively about how it will only be used by mentally-competent patients with terminal illnesses.

It is not hard to imagine the potential for abuse when patients become too costly, too old, too much trouble, or take up too many resources.

If you or a family member is facing end-of-life issues, our staff and attorneys are available to assist, counsel, or defend you. Our founder, Attorney David Gibbs III, is well-versed in this area due to his fight to save the life of Terri Schiavo.

We will stand with you for life! Supporters of the NCLL are urged to phone, fax, or write Governor Jerry Brown to tell him to veto this pro-death bill.

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