High Schooler Punished for Wearing American Flag T-shirt!

US flag Tshirt

A North Texas high school junior who loves his ROTC program was suspended for wearing an American flag T-shirt!

Seagoville High School requires that all students wear solid color shirts. Exceptions are allowed for shirts with school logos or shirts supporting the military.

This young man was at school and was asked to lift up his hoodie sweatshirt. Underneath the hoodie, he had on a T-shirt with an American flag. He was sent to in-school suspension for his infraction because an administrator determined that the shirt was in violation of the dress code.

When his mother was notified of the incident, she was particularly surprised because her son is a patriot who plans to serve in the military. She noted that he was a young man of character and he would never break rules.

“If he was breaking the rules, he would be punished, and he would have to honor whatever they give him; but he wasn’t, and I have to stand by him for that,” said the mother. She began asking administrators for an explanation. She was actually with members of the local media when she received a call from the principal.

He apologized for all the trouble and confirmed that the American flag can be worn in school. And by the way, the in-school suspension won’t go on her son’s disciplinary record.

Sadly, students and other citizens of honor are questioned, chastised, offended, and even disciplined for displaying patriotism and honoring country. This young man was called out and punished for being a patriotic citizen.

This cannot be allowed to happen in America!

Has a display of your love for America been questioned at work or at school? At the National Center for Life and Liberty, we will stand with you as you stand for America. We would be honored to serve you.