Alabama Judge Seeks Protection from State Supreme Court for Denying Same-sex Marriage Licenses


A probate judge in Washington County, AL, filed a petition for a protective order with the Alabama Supreme Court to safeguard himself from legal action for denying marriage licenses to homosexuals. Judge Nick Williams has stopped issuing licenses and tells the court that he feels his liberty is at immediate risk, especially after the incarceration of Kentucky clerk Kim David.

We are carefully watching this case. Many of our supporters will recall that the Alabama Supreme Court chief justice is Roy Moore, a solid Christian who defended the right to display the Ten Commandments on state buildings.

The critical question to be resolved is this: Do Christians have to check their religious freedom at the door?

Judge Nick Williams is among more than half a dozen probate judges in Alabama who have refused to issue any marriage licenses to either same-sex or opposite-sex couples.

The legal director of the ACLU in Alabama counters that if public officials don’t want to do their jobs, they shouldn’t be public officials.

This surface argument ignores two facts:

  1. Many of these civil officials were elected or installed into office before the recognition of same-sex marriage.
  2. Issuing marriage licenses is just a small part of their overall responsibilities.

The battle over same-sex marriage is far from over. As states and public officials push back against recent US Supreme Court decisions, will accommodations be made for people of faith, or will people of faith be forced to conform to the culture?

Would you join with us in praying for these courageous public officials?