“You’re Emotionally Abusing Me!’

children at recess

In the Mercer Island, WA, school district, kids won’t be playing tag at recess anymore. It’s emotionally abusive.

Families weren’t notified of the decision but had to learn about it from their kids. Parents, the only experts on their own children, weren’t asked or surveyed about the change.

One parent noted that her child simply doesn’t play anymore during recess. She commented, “He has been spending most of his recesses wandering around with his friend talking about video games, which is the last thing I want him to be doing.”

The school district communications director finally emailed parents. She stated that teams at the school were revisiting expectations for student behavior to address student safety.

By mandating that students keep their hands to themselves at all times, the district can ensure the physical and emotional safety of all students.

What’s next? Taping their mouths shut to prevent verbal abuse?

If you’re tired of the absurd standards and practices at your public school, we at the National Center for Life and Liberty want to encourage you to consider Christian schooling or homeschooling.

If neither of these is an option for you and if you learn of disturbing teaching or practices at your public school,contact us to discuss your concerns.

The more we learn about what goes on, the better position we will be in to make informed decisions about our children’s education.