New Jersey Homeschool Mom Wins Homeschool Educating Rights Victory


Parents and guardians in every state in the United States have a right to homeschool their children, with varying levels of regulation. One mother, guardian of three children, was denied that right, fought back, and won!

Mrs. Marshall called us to report that she had been in court on another matter when the judge ordered her to put her three minor children in public school. The state of New Jersey only loosely regulates homeschooling, and county court judges have no initial authority to allow or prohibit home education.

The judge in this case circumvented all procedures for homeschooling in New Jersey and put this guardian under a blanket order to enroll her children in public school.

In a brief hearing on September 23, 2015, Attorney Gibbs asked the judge to dismiss the prior order. Mrs. Marshall is now free to educate her children any way she sees fit.

Attorney Gibbs noted, “While this case should never have happened, sometimes parents are forced to function under unjust orders.”