Planned Parenthood Alternatives


In the wake of the series of sickening undercover videos exposing the baby body parts scandal, the media has responded predictably. They warn that stopping or defunding Planned Parenthood will deprive poor women of needed health services. How could we be so heartless?

Let’s have a reality check. is a collective effort of several pro-life organizations. Their goal “is to give women everywhere in America access to information about the thousands and thousands of quality health care options women have.”

The site provides an interactive map highlighting all the federally-qualified health centers and rural health centers across America. These centers receive funds to ensure that all women have access to needed health services.

What about the young woman who finds herself with an unplanned pregnancy? The map also lists pediatric centers that provide comprehensive health care to minors, including care for girls and young women.

So the next time you hear the argument that defunding the abortion industry will do irreparable harm to poor women, tell the truth in response.

The National Center for Life and Liberty is unabashedly pro-life.