Christian Schools Sued

school building

A California Christian school has recently found itself the subject of potential legal action after it enforced one of its policies and terminated the enrollment of one of its students. The school’s handbook clearly states that it considers itself in a partnership with the parents, with the goal of teaching and training students to be Christ-like. To this end, the handbook includes a provision reserving the school’s right to discontinue or refuse enrollment of any student whose home life promotes or runs counter to the school’s religious beliefs. Homosexuality and sexual immorality are listed as specific examples of such lifestyles.

In this particular case, the school dismissed a student after learning that she had lesbian parents. The mothers had enrolled the child over the summer and claimed they had no idea of the school’s policy, despite having been given a copy of the handbook. When the school learned of the domestic situation, they exercised their right to refuse attendance.

In case you think this is an isolated incident, it’s not. A Christian school contacted us just this week with a factually similar case and we are fully committed to defending their religious liberty. This issue is, in a nutshell, a microcosm of the big question our nation is facing right now: At what point must a private business owner be forced to abandon his or her sincerely-held religious beliefs simply because they offend another person? In other words, when the LGBTQ crowd demands that Christians set aside their religious beliefs to accommodate the LGBTQ’s unbiblical lifestyles, who wins? The last time we read the Constitution, it was clear that a group of people had an absolute right to gather around their own particular beliefs—to exercise their religious liberties free from government intrusion. Are we becoming the America where the First Amendment’s religious liberty protections only apply if that gathering provides no offense to homosexuals? We pray this will not be the case.

There are challenging days ahead. Given the cultural climate in America these days, these attacks are not a huge surprise. More and more Christian schools and other entities will be challenged in the days to come. Your support of the NCLL is critical us as we seek to defend religious liberty across the country. Donate today!