Religious Accommodation for Muslims but Not for Christians

When the Muslim truck drivers were fired for refusing to haul booze, they sued and were awarded $240,000 by an Illinois judge.

The Oregon Christian baker was sued by the homosexuals he turned down and has to pay a fine of $135,000.

In Colorado, another baker who refused to serve cake at a same-sex wedding is now being REQUIRED to serve against his will, has to re-educate his staff to comply with anti-discrimination laws, and must file quarterly reports about his business practices.

Both of these groups merely sought to honor their religion in their business. One group is rewarded and compensated for standing up for their faith. The other group is smacked down and punished.

At the National Center for Life and Liberty, we are deeply concerned about the disparate treatment afforded Christians in the marketplace. If you or others you know are facing discrimination because of their faith, we would be honored to serve them and stand for their rights.

Jesus told us to expect persecution for our faith. Don’t stand alone. It’s time to marshal an army of believers to fight back against the madness. Won’t you support us in this work?