Department of Education Spending Up, Scores Down

As taxpayers, we would expect their efforts to produce stellar results!

Yet results from national math and reading tests show lower or stagnant scores.

According to the Associated Press, math scores were down for fourth and eighth graders over the last two years. Reading grades were not much better: flat for fourth graders and lower for eighth graders, according to 2015 results released Wednesday from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) exam. Falling mathematics scores for fourth and eighth graders mark the first declines in math since 1990.

Overall, only about a third of the nation’s eighth graders were at proficient levels or above in math and reading. Among fourth graders, the results were slightly better in reading and in math, about two in five scored proficient or above.

Decoding the education-speak, we are paying much more but not getting more.

What other business enterprise would tolerate this performance? Yet the drum beat of national standards and federal control of education continues.

We deserve better for our hard-earned tax dollars.

We need to do better for America’s school kids.