Houston Voters Speak Up

Is this discussion really about equality? Or is it about making an in-your-face statement from the transgender community?

These so-called “bathroom ordinances” are troubling. Like the Illinois school being forced to allow a male transgender to use the girl’s locker room, they seem to invite trouble.

We believe the Lord made us male and female.  We are being forced to accept that the concept of a chosen identity surpasses biology.

We still recall when this country used to be concerned about decency.

Now it seems we are mandating indecency in our locker rooms and restrooms.

We encourage our supporters to take a look at the bigger story within this story. The defeated law has a long history. This ordinance sought to give THE PEOPLE a voice in this social decision. The people mobilized and turned out to let their values be counted.

The ordinance was originally adopted by the Houston City Council in 2014. Activists began collecting signatures for a referendum to repeal. City officials ruled there weren’t enough signatures and denied the referendum, which prompted a lawsuit. A state judge initially agreed with the city that there weren’t enough valid signatures.

The case went all the way to the Texas Supreme Court, which ruled that the city had to either repeal the ordinance or put it up for public vote.

The people spoke.

We believe the people need to become increasingly active to fight the cultural battles ahead. If we do not actively work to preserve our values and liberty, we will lose them.

At the National Center for Life and Liberty, we stand with you! But we also acknowledge that huge litigation is not always called for.

A simple signature is significant.

A single vote is powerful.