"Banning the Box"

According to the White House, the goal is to “better ensure that applicants from all segments of society, including those with prior criminal histories, receive a fair opportunity to compete for Federal employment."

We wholeheartedly support the grace of second chances, but is this executive order a wise move?

Should a person with a felony conviction be a person who has access to our finances (IRS) or our healthcare data (HHS) or any of the other countless ways our lives intersect with the federal government?

To clarify, the purpose of the order is to prevent applicants from being screened out before they even look at qualifications.

The President commented, "It is relevant to find out whether somebody has a criminal record; we're not suggesting ignore it. What we are suggesting is that when it comes to the application, give folks a chance to get through the door. Give them a chance to get in there so they can make their case."

Last week the Justice Department released about 6000 nonviolent inmates from federal prison.

Now they can apply to work for the federal government!

These actions are troubling. They seem to minimize the consequences of criminal behavior.

Doesn’t character count for anything anymore?