Will You Be Required to Disclose Your Social Security Number When You Donate?

In recent years, the Internal Revenue Service was called on the carpet for targeting Tea Party groups and their applications for nonprofit status. Now the IRS has proposed a new regulation requiring you, as a donor, to disclose your Social Security number for any gift you make in excess of $250 to a nonprofit.

Why do you think the government wants to know whom you are giving to? 

At the moment, this is a proposed IRS regulation, and it is receiving pushback from many organizations.

The potential for the IRS to target groups and donors is enormous. During the Congressional hearings into the IRS, representatives of many conservative groups testified that their applications for nonprofit status were stalled or thwarted, simply due to the nature of their organization.

Should this potential for mischief on the part of the IRS now be extended to individual donors?

You can read more about the proposed regulation or register your own comment here: http://www.regulations.gov/#!documentDetail;D=IRS-2015-0049-0001. Comments will close on December 16, 2015.

 Is there any situation in which it is a wise idea to extend the reach of the IRS into individual choice and religious liberty? We think not.

Take a stand.