Stand with Us

This year we all watched while religious liberty was hijacked by the courts. Elected leaders who promised so much appear, in many cases, resigned that there is little they can do to help fix our problems. The entire nation is in wait-and-see mode. Challenges abound on many fronts—challenges that impact our children and future generations—challenges that the NCLL stands ready to meet head on.

But I need your help. 

This next year is a critical time for us as we rally our hearts to stand together for what we know to be right. And the NCLL cannot do all that we are called to do without your prayers and support. As 2015 comes to a close, we ask you to consider making an end-of-year gift to the NCLL. Your gift will go a long way toward allowing us to continue providing legal and practical help to ministries and families whose constitutional liberties are under attack. 

Every day the NCLL helps real people with real problems. Let me share just two examples from this past year. 

In late September, a young elementary-aged girl headed off to the bus stop for another day at her local public school. This little girl was on a mission. Her church had recently announced its annual harvest celebration, scheduled for the third week in October, and she was so excited at the thought of bringing all her friends to hear about Jesus. That morning before class began, she started handing out invitations to the celebration. As she was doing so, her teacher approached, told her to stop, and then proceeded to collect the invitations she had already distributed. The teacher informed this now-discouraged little girl that she was not allowed to pass out these invitations—because they were from her church.

After the girl’s pastor contacted us, an NCLL attorney notified the school administrator of the teacher’s unconstitutional behavior. We explained in a letter that since the public school permitted other private groups and students to distribute invitations to other community and private events, it could not then legally deny the same opportunity to others simply because their materials or literature was religious or promoted religious events. After receiving the letter, the administrator quickly resolved the “misunderstanding” by informing the teacher—and all of the other teachers—that the invitation would go out to all the third graders. Several students from the third grade class went on to attend the harvest celebration and heard the gospel for the first time.

In another case, earlier this year, a homeschool mom arrived at her local county courthouse a few minutes before 9 a.m. with her three children. This mom had been stopped by a police officer a few weeks before for having a broken tail light and decided to go to court to reduce the fine rather than pay the higher penalty up-front. When the judge called her name, she stepped forward. In the midst of what was supposed to be a routine traffic hearing, the judge began to question why the children were not in school and then abruptly decided that this mom was not qualified to teach her children at home. What had started out as an exciting field trip for her children turned into a nightmare for this family. The judge ordered the children immediately back into public school. Shortly thereafter, this mom contacted us. We filed motions and represented her in court as we challenged the judge’s decision and argued for her fundamental right to homeschool. We won the case, and the children are now back home being educated in a manner consistent with her and her husband’s religious convictions to raise and educate their children at home.

Stories like these are precisely why we exist—to protect church, parental, and religious liberty rights.Our purpose in sharing them with you is really simple: to ask you to consider the NCLL as a part of your end-of-year giving. In the current cultural climate in our nation, attacks on religious liberty and parental rights are rapidly increasing, and we expect this trend to grow exponentially. Your donation will make a real difference in the speed at which those attacks can be countered.

Even though we have accomplished much this past year, there is still much work to be done. In this coming year, our desire is to increase the number of attorneys on our staff so that we can help more families and churches and take on even more cases across the country. Giving a tax-deductible donation to the NCLL will help us achieve these objectives.

You can donate using any of the following options: by credit card at our website ( or by calling 888.233.NCLL (6255). You can also send a check or money order made payable to the NCLL at the following address: 

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We are grateful in advance for your donation to the cause of preserving religious liberty in America!

Attorney David Gibbs III
NCLL President and General Counsel