When Religious Organizations Can No Longer Be . . . Religious

A few weeks ago, a Boston judge was preparing to issue the first decision of its kind anywhere in the United States: a decision declaring that a religious school must hire a gay man married to his gay partner, despite the school’s objection to homosexuality and same sex marriage. The Catholic school had offered the man a job as food services director, but upon learning that he was a homosexual and was married to his gay partner, they rescinded the job offer in light of the fact that his lifestyle did not align with the school’s religious beliefs. 

To our knowledge, this is the first time a religious organization has been ordered by a judge to hire a person who knowingly, openly lives a lifestyle completely and unashamedly opposed to the sincerely held religious beliefs of the organization. It’s the first case where the homosexual “rights” of an individual were deemed to trump the religious liberty and free association rights of a religious organization.

We’ve already witnessed the collision between homosexual “rights” and religious liberty in a number of private businesses across the country—particularly in the wedding industry—and we knew it was just a matter of time before this same collision occurred between homosexuals and religious organizations. In anticipation of this day, the NCLL has been advising ministries for some time now to update their documents and policies to reflect their positions on marriage and human sexuality. Given this incident out of Boston, please take a moment to ensure that your ministry has implemented two of the NCLL’s recommendations for addressing this issue in the hiring context http://www.ncll.org/protect-your-ministry.

The NCLL is deeply concerned about precedents like this and the impact they will have on the religious liberties we have so long enjoyed here in America. We depend on the donations of those who believe in the work we are doing to help us combat the growing movement toward an “anything goes” society—anything, that is, except biblical Christianity and the corresponding truths that go along with it. Please consider donating today at www.ncll.org or by calling 888.233.NCLL (6255).