Financial Integrity. The Lifeblood of every Ministry.

Money. There’s simply no way around the fact that it’s something every ministry has to deal with. Maintaining financial integrity with the money that flows through your ministry is truly foundational to your ministry’s very existence, as well as to the jobs and livelihoods of those you employ—not to mention your ministry's ability to reach your community for Christ.  An organization that clearly establishes and communicates who has authority to handle financial transactions will be one in which financial conflict is kept to a minimum. Doing so will also reduce the likelihood of mishandled funds and will go a long way toward establishing trust among the ministry’s donors, members, and the community at large. The reality is that many allegations of financial impropriety could have been thwarted by a system of checks and balances within the ministry that clearly delineated the persons responsible for overseeing each step of the financial process, as well as who has authority to engage in financial transactions and decisions on behalf of the ministry.

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