Protect Our Children and Your Ministry

As we’ve explained in previous articles, reports of children being mistreated or abused are rising to epidemic proportions. Sadly, Christian organizations are not exempt from this harsh reality, and every parent and ministry must be aware of this fact.

Parents entrust their children to those at church, which is why we must do everything we can to protect these precious souls while entrusted with their care. Leaders must operate the ministry not only to protect children and defend against false allegations but also to allow ministry workers to act in the best interests of children in an emergency without fear of reprisal.

Download the Annual Youth Group/School Activities Consent & Release form for use in your ministry.

The above form allows a parent to give permission for emergency medical treatment and transportation to and from events, and it releases the ministry from any and all past, present, future, known and unknown liabilities, actions, causes of action, claims, expenses, and damages resulting from or on account of injury to the parent or the parent’s property in connection with any event anticipated by the form.

We encourage you to download and review this form for consideration for your organization.

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