HHS Regs Are a Good Sign for Freedom of Religion

Church & FlagThe U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is apparently drafting regulations to implement President Trump’s executive order on religious liberty, which will be a welcome relief for Americans who embrace the free exercise of religion.

According to the Family Research Council, the HHS regulations were leaked, and if this leaked version is accurate, Christians (and those of any religion) will no longer be punished by the federal government for following their beliefs.

NCLL president David Gibbs III said, “This is an exciting time, but one that’s also perilous for Christians. The most fundamental pillar of our nation is obviously the ability to worship and glorify God according to the dictates of our conscience, without retribution from the government. It’s sad that this tenant has been under attack in recent years, but I’m greatly heartened that these regulations will be a solid step in reversing that unconstitutional trend.”

FRC president Tony Perkins added, “While this apparent leaked document is a draft, it is a very positive sign to see the federal government work to cease its hostility toward Christians ... [and it] shows that Secretary Tom Price and President Trump intend to make good on their pledge to vigorously protect and promote Americans' First Freedom.”