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Ministry Bylaws Sample Statement of Faith

At no other time in American history have the rights of individual Christians been jeopardized to the degree they are today. Furthermore, churches and other Bible-based ministries are being challenged and sued like never before, and in many of these cases, the ministry’s doctrinal, social, and cultural positions are under attack. This is why it is so important for ministries to articulate in their bylaws their stance on these issues. When those positions have been clearly stated in writing and are made readily available to prospective and current members, the ministry will have a much stronger legal footing to defend itself if it is ever sued on the basis of one of those positions.

The attorneys at the NCLL have helped churches all across America make these types of changes to their bylaws. This month, we are making the Statement of Faith included within the NCLL Sample Bylaws available as our free resource of the month.

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