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Reclaiming the Christ of Christmas

What used to be “the most wonderful time of the year” in America has increasingly become one in which extreme political correctness reigns. Employees sue because there’s a “Merry Christmas” sign posted in the company lunchroom. Manger scenes displayed on courthouse lawns stir up tremendous conflict within communities. A first grader’s gift of red and green pencils with a Christian message given to his classmates creates a firestorm between parents and the public school administrators. What is the impetus for this increasingly anti-religious fervor we are seeing permeate America—especially during this season?

The reason, at its core, is simple: Jesus Christ, the most controversial person in history.

Many activist groups and their attorneys are seeking to convince the American public that any inclusion of religion in general—and Christianity in particular—in the public square violates the so-called separation of church and state doctrine. In a nation that increasingly denies the biblical principles of truth upon which we were founded, the very mention of the name Jesus or references to his birth is sufficient for these groups to threaten litigation. And nowhere are these threats more visible than during the holidays. But is this really true? Does the Constitution demand a government blackout of all things religious in our public institutions during this time of year?

This month’s free resource from the National Center for Life and Liberty, Reclaiming the Christ of Christmas, answers this question and much more. In this resource, we address the top three public venues where religious expression has been under the greatest attack in recent years. We explain the legal principles that govern religious expression in these venues and provide examples of government overreaction to otherwise legal religious expressions.

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