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The 411 on Church Bylaws

Where does your church stand on the issues of same-sex marriage and abortion? Do your members know? How about prospective members? These are just two of the many issues that should be addressed in your ministry’s bylaws—and yet the vast majority of church-goers (and many church staff!) have no idea what is actually in their church’s version of this document. In far too many cases, the bylaws have been relegated to a dusty filing cabinet in a largely untouched storage room on the back of the church property.

The bylaws provide the standards for how your church will conduct ministry, and, given recent changes in our nation, it is more crucial than ever that this document be properly prepared to ensure those with differing views or opinions cannot put pressure on your church in any way. It needs to be well thought through and its provisions regularly followed.

This month’s FREE resource from the National Center for Life and Liberty—“The 411 on Church Bylaws”—provides clear, practical guidance for your church to assist you in developing or amending your bylaws so that they include all the necessary and legally required provisions.

If your ministry is not yet partnering with the NCLL, now is the time! One of the many benefits that churches and other nonprofit ministries receive as NCLL partners is the option for one of our attorneys to review your bylaws and provide you with a detailed recommendation on how your bylaws can be strengthened. This is just one example of the many helpful resources available to our supporting ministry partners. Learn more about the benefits of partnering with the NCLL here!

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