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Shutting out Jesus: The Silencing of Christianity in Our Nation’s Public Schools

Within the next week, virtually all schools across America will be in full swing. Slamming lockers, sharpening pencils, booting up computers, memorizing math facts, learning ABCs…these are what parents expect their children to be doing as another new school year dawns.

What many parents will not be expecting is the increasing level of hostility their children may face in school, particularly if they are Christians and are open about their faith. This month’s free resource from the National Center for Life and Liberty is designed to assist anyone who may have questions about the legality of religious expression in public schools. Pastors and youth pastors can use this resource to educate and encourage their young people, students’ parents, and public school employees and volunteers to be a solid Christian witness to the extent they are legally permitted to do so. Parents and students have far more rights than they probably realize, and school employees have rights they may not be aware of. This resource will help them understand some of those rights.

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