Protecting Ministry Assets

Safeguarding the Ministry's Property and Private Data

Most of us know that the threat of fires, break-ins, and children being injured on church property are risks every ministry should plan for. In today’s world, however, there’s a long list of other potential liabilities every church and ministry organization must consider.

For example, theft of data in a cyber attack or data breach can result in compromised banking information or the loss of personal information of your members, donors, and employees, opening your church to monetary loss and lawsuits for violation of privacy.

If you’d like to gain a clear understanding of how you can minimize your ministry’s risk, you won’t want to miss this month’s resource: Protecting Ministry Assets.

For the best insurance policies from worker’s comp to property protection and for guidelines to protect electronic and physical data, this article is full of wise steps you’ll want to take to protect all the Lord has entrusted to you.

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