2016 Church Hot-Button Checklist

The Top 8 Ways to Protect Your Church Legally in 2016

Churches nationwide are facing complicated challenges—from armed gunman to a wide variety of lawsuits and from increased IRS and local tax scrutiny to internal church disputes. The NCLL serves churches that are making a difference in their communities and helps them proactively address security and liability issues in their ministries through our thorough and practical legal counsel, professional resources, litigation support, and top-notch legal seminars. This month, we’ve put together a resource that addresses the top eight hot-button issues currently creating problems for ministries. This checklist provides a starting point to help you identify areas in your ministry that are vulnerable from a safety, security, and/or legal standpoint. It includes recommendations regarding the following legal and practical issues:

  • Internal and corporate documents that must include your church’s position on same-sex marriage and human sexuality
  • Scenarios your safety and emergency response policies should address
  • Essential policies for protecting children in your ministry
  • Copyright laws that many churches violate—sometimes without even knowing it—that could cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Permission and liability release forms you church should always require
  • Best methods to ensure church meetings don’t become a source of litigation
  • Essential practices for reducing your risk of IRS-related issues and financial scandals
  • Private and confidential ministry data most vulnerable to breach and the best ways to prevent that from happening

By using this checklist, you can shore up potential problems in your ministry before they become a reality. Start off 2016 strong with January’s FREE resource from the NCLL!

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